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DL Program


SOLE's Demonstrated Logistician Programs

NOTE: The text below describes only the basic SOLE Demonstrated Logistician Program (DLP). Information on the application process, evaluation criteria, documentation requirements, etc. for the Army, Boeing, and Raytheon program variations described in the "DLP File Downloads" are separate from the basic SOLE DLP program text, below. For any questions regarding the other programs that can't be answered by the applicable file download, please call SOLE HQ.

Recognizing the continuing nature of education and development of the professional logistician, in 2005 the Society implemented the Demonstrated Logistician Program. This program provides intermediate recognition of professional performance and continuing education in the individual fields of practice within the profession.

There are three levels of Designation in the Demonstrated Logistician Program. The first is the Demonstrated Logistician (DL), next is the Demonstrated Senior Logistician (DSL) and the highest level is the Demonstrated Master Logistician (DML). All levels require that the individual continue his/her professional education through college credit or CEU equivalent credit courses, coupled with technical training in his/her field and enabler training in areas associated with the integrated functions of business or government. In addition there are requirements for continued demonstrated professional performance in the practice of logistics.

The candidate can be awarded the highest level of recognition they qualify for at any time in his/her career. There is no requirement to start at the DL and work up to the DML.

The program is administered through SOLE HQ, where applications are processed, evaluated and recognitions issued based on the accomplishments.

No formal examination is required for any level of recognition under this program

Demonstrated Logistician Certificate and Recognition Pins

Candidates who complete the necessary education and performance requirements are awarded a specially designed certificate attesting to the awarding of the appropriate level of recognition. In addition they are provided a lapel pin with the appropriate designation on it. A key feature of the program is that corporations and government agencies that chose to use the recognition as a part of their professional development activities can have a pin issued by SOLE where their name is displayed in the top field.

Having been granted the designation of DL, DSL or DML the individual may use the designation in a dignified manner similar to the recognition accorded the CML or CPL certifications of the Society Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual's name on business cards and stationery but always in a manner consistent with the dignity of the Society.

Applying for the Designation

To apply for the designations, applicants must submit an application showing they meet the following eligibility requirements. Candidates not sure which areas they are qualified in are encouraged to submit a comprehensive package to SOLE HQ for evaluation.

Professional Experience Based on the level of education the individual has attained the following years of professional experience practicing or teaching are required for the indicated level of recognition:

Demonstrated Logistician

No degree - 3
Associate - 2
Bachelors - 1
Masters -   .5
Doctorate - .5

Demonstrated Senior Logistician

No degree - 5
Associate - 4
Bachelors - 2
Masters -    1
Doctorate -  1

Demonstrated Master Logistician

No degree - 7
Associate - 6
Bachelors - 3
Masters -   2
Doctorate - 2

Continuing Educational Requirements

There are three areas of continuing education required for the designations: formal education, functional training, and enabler training.

Formal education is considered as courses offered in the fields of logistics by accredited educational institutions and having credit awarded for their completion. A second source for these courses are formal courses offered by non educational institutions and corporations where they have an equivalent attendance and participation requirement with the formal courses, and the student is awarded Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) or similar recognitions upon successful completion. (Note: Participation in short duration CEU courses cannot be aggregated to meet this requirement.)

Functional training requirements are met by short duration courses (usually one to four hours) offered by employers or other organizations such as SOLE chapters dealing with the technical aspects of the profession.

Enabler training requirements are met by short duration courses (usually one to four hours) offered by employers or other organizations such as SOLE chapters dealing with the integration of efforts into the corporate operations, they include areas such as ethics training, process training and similar courses.

Supporting Documentation

Application for the DL recognitions must be accompanied by supporting documentation such as transcripts, letters of reference, endorsements and copies of awards and citations. Documentation requirements are described in the application instructions.

DLP File Downloads

Download the Demonstrated Logistician Program Applications and Requirements

SOLE Program (for Non-Army, Raytheon, Boeing personnel)

Download  SOLE Demonstrated Logistician Program Overview - File is in .pdf format.
(SOLEDLProgram-October2005.pdf, 243KB, SOLE, Oct 2005)

Download  SOLE Demonstrated Logistician Application - File is in .pdf format.
(SOLEDLApplication-Mar13.pdf, 21KB, SOLE, Mar 2013)

Download  Demonstrated Logistician Evaluation Worksheet - File is in Excel spreadsheet .xls format.
(DL-DSL-DMLEvaluationWorksheet-November2005.xls, 20KB, SOLE, Nov 2005)

Download  Sample Completed Demonstrated Logistician Evaluation Worksheet - File is in .pdf format.
(SampleDLEvaluation-February2006.pdf, 36KB, SOLE, Feb 2006)

SOLE- Army DemLog Program for Army personnel, as established by the Army Sustainment University

Download  Army DemLog Briefing - File is in .pdf format.
(ArmyDemLogProgramBriefing-Jun23.pdf, 554KB, SOLE, Jun 2023)

Download  Army DemLog Application - File is in .pdf format.
(ArmyDemLogApplication-Rev3-Jan17.pdf, 29KB, SOLE, Jan 2017)

SOLE - Boeing Program (for Boeing personnel)

Download  Boeing Demonstrated Logistician Application - File is in .pdf format.
(BoeingApplication-Mar13.pdf, 25KB, SOLE, Mar 2013)

Download  Boeing Demonstrated Logistician Evaluation Sheet - File is in Excel spreadsheet .xls format.
(SOLE-BoeingDL-DSL-DMLApplication-EvalSheet-12-11-10.xls, 36KB, SOLE, Mar 2013)

SOLE - Raytheon Program (for Raytheon personnel)

Download  SOLE-Raytheon Demonstrated Logistician Program Overview - File is in .pdf format.
(RTSCLDProgramOverview-October2005.pdf, 157KB, SOLE, Oct 2006)

Download  Raytheon Demonstrated Logistician Application - File is in .pdf format.
(RTSCLDApplication-Mar13.pdf, 25KB, SOLE, Mar 2013)

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