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Corporate Membership Benefits

Corporate memberships help to support a wide range of activities that are vital to the advancement of logistics in business, government, and academia. Corporate membership contributions will enable the Society to develop and implement a system for expanding SOLE’s awareness program; enhance the services available to the members of the Society through its certification program; further development of courses and training opportunities; expand publications and promote new publicity efforts.

Corporate membership benefits include:

  • Corporate memberships based upon the size of the company:

Less than 49 employees - 3 free memberships (Value $390)

50 to 500 employees - 6 free memberships (Value $780)

Over 500 employees - 9 free memberships (Value $1,170)

  • 1 year free membership for member sponsoring the Corporate Member each year (Value $130)
  • Corporate Membership Pins for corporate sponsored members
  • Corporate Member plaque and yearly brass member plate (Value $150)
  • Access to the SOLE research library including proceedings, periodicals, and other documents
  • 25 % discount on mailing labels from SOLE’s database that contains approximately 17,000 names (Value: $2,550 Total or $150/1000)
  • Full-page advertisement in the Society’s Membership Directory and available to Corporate Members only (Value $600)
  • Discount on in-house training based upon number of attendees (Value $900 or $100/member)
  • Member rates for any staff member attending SOLE sponsored or co-sponsored workshops or seminars (Value $900 or $100/member)
  • Receipt of SOLE’s publications, Logistics Spectrum and SOLEtech, by corporate representatives (Value $900 or $100/member)
  • Free 100-word job posting in the SOLEtech monthly newsletter (Value $3,000 or $250/month)
  • Access to the full size resume clearinghouse at Headquarters, where members post their resumes
  • Free copies of Proceedings from SOLE sponsored or co-sponsored symposiums/workshops (Value $100)
  • A free full page advertisement in the Proceedings of the Annual Symposium (Value $600)
  • Identification as a Corporate Member in the exhibit hall when exhibiting at the Annual Symposium
  • A second exhibit booth at no cost if one is purchased at full cost for the Annual Symposium (Potential Value $1,300)
  • 20% discount on advertising in the Logistics Spectrum. SOLE’s premier logistics journal (Value $234)
  • An additional 5% discount on advertising in the Logistics Spectrum for each exhibit booth purchased (Value $60)
  • Free one-page article highlighting the Corporate Member in the Spectrum on a space available basis. Corporate Member provides copy and photos (Value $600)
  • Free 100 word job postings on the SOLE website (Value $25 per posting)
  • Free 100-word company description plus a hyperlink to a corporate provided page of data (Level 1) on SOLE’s website (Value $225)
  • 10% discount on Level 2 of SOLE’s website (Level 1 plus hyperlinks to Corporate Home Page and email) (Value $36)
  • Recognition as a corporate member in SOLE publications (Value $700)
  • A mechanism for interaction with other corporate members
  • An opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues in industry, government, and academia
  • Recognition at SOLE Headquarters as a corporate member (Value $300)
  • An opportunity to have corporate members participate in SOLE’s Professional Certification Program (Value $900 or $100/member)

Total Value To Corporate Members Who Are Involved In All SOLE’s Activities:

Size of Organization



Up to 49 Employees



50 TO 500 Employees



Over 500 Employees




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