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The Return on Your Investment is a Better You

When considering membership in SOLE ?The International Society of Logistics, you have every right to ask: "What’s in it for me?"

Membership in SOLE sets you apart from the norm. It shows that you are a proactive, results-oriented individual who wants to be on the leading edge of your profession. It demonstrates commitment to personal and professional growth and says that you have empowered yourself to be a leader in your field. What better way to make your mark on the worldwide Logistics community? When you make a commitment to join SOLE you make a commitment to yourself. The benefits of SOLE membership are your building blocks for a great future.


New Technologies and Best Logistics Practices - Membership in SOLE entitles you to a role in shaping the future of your chosen profession. Take an active role in promoting current initiatives like:

Performance Based Supportability - reducing the cost of ownership by design

Reverse Logistics Management - utilizing logistics to develop, implement and sustain eco-efficient business practices that create multi-profit cycles for products

Outstanding Seminars and Workshops - Only SOLE offers training across the entire spectrum of logistics; many programs in cooperation with renowned educational institutions.

Quarterly Journal - Theme issues of the Logistics Spectrum explore the hottest topics in your areas of expertise.

Annual International Logistics Conferences with Exhibitions - Learn from and network with the world's leading logistics professionals, at symposia/congresses in the U.S. and abroad.

Special Interest Conferences - Hone the skills required for your area of expertise or explore new areas of interest.

Certification Programs - SOLE's CML and CPL programs are the only internationally recognized professional "whole enterprise" logistics certifications. Recertification requirements continuously validate your expertise and elevate the designation's recognition in industry.

Designation Programs - SOLE's Designated Logistician programs ?to include the Army, Raytheon, Global Logistics Council of Taiwan and other company-specific applications ?afford logisticians worldwide the opportunity to be recognized for their experience, education and training through a series of designations as either a Demonstrated Logistician (DL), Demonstrated Senior Logistician (DSL), or Demonstrated Master Logistician (DML). Recognized in both defense and industry worldwide, these non-exam programs form the foundation of your recognition as an expert in your field.

Scholarships - Take advantage of educational assistance. Scholarships and Doctoral Dissertation Awards are available for every level of academic study in logistics and related disciplines.

Application Divisions - Join one or more of SOLE's nine special interest groups to focus your development in your area(s) of interest.


Publish - SOLE offers ample opportunity to publish journal articles, monographs, technical papers; or conference presentations and proceedings.

Speak and Teach - Share your knowledge and expertise at local (chapter) or national meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Leadership - Distinguish yourself as a leader in your profession by participating in SOLE management. Opportunities abound at the local, national and international levels.

Awards - Earn recognition for outstanding contributions to your industry and your society.


Resume Clearinghouse - Don't miss out on that dream job. Post your resume to SOLE's website, and search for openings free of charge.

Job Recruitment Services - Professionals help you find the right job, in the right place, for the right salary.

Global Logistics Network - Members helping members, the Global Logistics Network reaches out across the worldwide logistics community to bring its combined knowledge to your fingertips.

Revised March 2009

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