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File Downloads - Certified Professional Logistician (CPL)

The following files are available for downloading. Please read the instructions included with each file.

Instructions for downloading:

To download a file, click on the highlighted file name or icon. When the dialog box appears, select "Save to Disk", then select a directory on your hard drive in which to save the file.

Alternatively, right-click on the highlighted file name or icon, and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..."

Every attempt is made to ensure that files available here are free from computer viruses. However, you should virus scan all files downloaded from the internet before opening them.

Suggest a file for Downloading
Download WinZip
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download  Download all the CPL files shown below - Zip file contains CPL Brochure, CPL Application, CPL Application Instructions, CPL Operations Manual, Logistics Management Professionalization Program, CPL Study Guide, Logistics Bibliography, and Recertification Forms.
(CPL-AllFiles-Dec06.zip, 11.3MB, SOLE, Dec 2006)

Download  CPL Brochure - File is in .pdf format.
(CPLBrochure-1October2006.pdf, 33KB, SOLE, Oct 2006)

Download  CPL Program Operations Manual - File is in .pdf format, and contains the program guidance, recertification table, and recertification forms.
(CPLOperationsManual-1October2005.pdf, 10.3MB, SOLE, Oct 2005)

Download  CPL Study Guide - File is in Word format.
(cplstygd.zip, 68KB, SOLE, Apr 2000)

Download  CPL Application - File is in .pdf format.
(CPLApplication-1October2006.pdf, 1.1MB, SOLE, Oct 2006)

Download  CPL Application (Fillable PDF) - File is in fillable .pdf format.
(CPLApplication-1October2006-fillable.pdf, 1.2MB, SOLE, Oct 2006)

Download  CPL Application Instructions - File is in .pdf format.
(CPLApplicationInstructions-1October2006.pdf, 50KB, SOLE, Oct 2006)

Download  Logistics Management Professionalization Program - File is in .pdf format.
(LogMgmtProfessionalizationProgram-9-16-05.pdf, 226KB, SOLE, Sep 2005)

Download  CPL Recertification Report Forms - Zip file contains 3 documents in Word format: Recertification Points Request, CPL-R-1; Chapter Activity Receipt, CPL-R-2; The CPL Recertification Program, Nov 9, 97.
(cplrcrt.zip, 125KB, SOLE, Mar 2000)

Download  Logistics Bibliography - Collection of Books and Publications for the logistician covering a broad range of topics as well as selected references for the CPL Program. Microsoft Word format. Also available in html.
(logbib.zip, 16KB, SOLE, Feb 2000)


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